How it works

Inform Debtor allows you to inform debtors
in an easy, quick and affordable way.
Register and start using Inform Debtor. The information
submitted in the registration form will be used when
informing the debtor.
Upload debetor information

Connect to the system, enter information about the debtor and upload documents justifying the debt.

Choose notification methods

Inform Debtor" allows you to choose how the debtor will be notified about the late payments.

Inform Debtor

An official notice is sent to the debtor with newly set deadline for the payment.

Announce search for partner

If debtor fails to settle, announce a fix-term debt recovery auction for the partners.

Choose the best offer

From the submitted debt recovery offers choose the one that best suits your needs.

Recover your money

Worldwide debt recovery with the partner of your choice.

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